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MLD may aid other conditions including:

  • Improve the appearance of burns, wounds, and scar tissue Reduce swelling and inflammation in chronic conditions that can lead to discomfort or pain

  • Encourage the healing of fractures, torn ligaments, sprains

  • Aids variety of other chronic health related conditions such as sinusitis, arthritis

  • Reduces fluid congestion from puffy eyes to swollen ankles

  • Can be an aid to the body during a detox program Excellent as a preventative measure to enhance your general health and well being

If you develop un-explained oedema (fluid swelling), or suspect that you could have Lymphoedema, Lipedema, or Lipo-Lymphoedema it is important to see your General Practitioner in the first instance to identify the underlying cause. 

Early detection and management is important. Your healthcare professional can make a referral to the Lymphatic Health Clinic. If Lymphoedema or Lipedema are left untreated, there is a risk they may worsen over time.