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Meet Charmaine 

Charmaine Kennedy enjoys a busy family life and has a passion for nature and learning. This is reflected in her drive to provide clients with natural solutions to address health challenges they may encounter.

Charmaine is a comprehensive registered nurse, with almost forty years nursing experience, having worked in a variety of clinical and community settings. Charmaine holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Health Sciences and is currently working towards the Post Graduate Certificate in Lymphoedema Management.

Passion for natural solutions

to relieve pain, stress, and improve individual’s health.

In 2022 Charmaine retrained as a beauty therapist where her interest in massage and lymphatic drainage was heightened. Realising her passion for natural solutions to relieve pain, stress, and improve individual’s health, Charmaine then went on to train in manual lymphatic drainage massage (MLD). MLD can improve a range of conditions such as arthritis, headaches, chronic pain, and more.  MLD is also very beneficial for reducing stress as it activates the parasympathetic nervous system inducing a relaxed state of peace and calm.

Charmaine recognises that scarring is a natural consequence of the healing process but also understands how scars affect your physiological and psychological well-being. Charmaine has trained in a range of scar therapies to further understand scars, the healing process, and the impact scars have on the lymphatic system.

Understanding the impact of oncology treatments and therapies on the skin, Charmaine studied oncology skin care through Oncology Training International to ensure the best treatment outcome for her clients. Osmosis Oncology safe skin care and wellness products can be purchased from the Lymphatic Health Clinic to safely manage a range of skin problems related to cancer treatments.  

Charmaine also has extensive experience in mental health, therefore can provide clients with support and practical advice in stress and anxiety management. An experienced health educator, Charmaine recognises the importance of self management education, providing clients with practicable skills to manage their condition at home. This  not only empowers the client but is cost effective.